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14 Daily Life Hacks to Help with Weight Loss

Weight Loss Life Hacks

There are too many days that life just gets busy. We have work, school, kids, spouses, parents and of course – unexpected emergencies. With such busy lives, it’s no wonder we often neglect ourselves and put our weight loss efforts on the back burner. But – there are some easy, and quick, actions you can take to keep your weight loss on track.

1. Grab Fruit

Apples, oranges and even bananas are great options for a grab-and-go lifestyle. They not only travel well, but are much better options than any from a vending machine. These fruits can satisfy a sweet tooth and have plenty of fibre, which is essential for any successful weight plan. Always keep some handy.

2. Park Far Away

It’s sometimes difficult to get in enough exercise, so adding small bursts of activity whenever you can is a must. Parking far enough away so that you must walk to where you’re going can get in exercise even if doesn’t feel like it. Even 100 steps at a time quickly add up to a substantial amount of exercise during the day.

3. Skip the Fast Food

Fast foods choices tend to have higher level of calories without much nutrition. Even though they’re more convenient, it’s always better to carry snack options with you than trying to grab something from a fast food restaurant.

4. Drink Lots of Water

Many people assume hunger pangs mean you need something to eat. In many cases, your body could be telling you that you’re dehydrated. Keep the water handy and you may surprisingly find yourself less hungry than you thought you would be.

5. Halve your Portions

Portion sizes over the past fifty years have doubled. Do yourself a favour and simply reduce your plate by half. If you usually eat two cups of pasta, reduce it to one. Eat slowly and savour each bite. Once done with your meal, you may not even really notice you’ve eaten less.

6. Add Soups

Adding broth-based soups can help keep you fully hydrated while at the same time providing low-calorie nutrition. Since soups also usually come with plenty of vegetables, you’re giving yourself a double-dose of vegetables.

7. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can lead to higher stress, which leads to higher cortisol levels, which often leads to a lower metabolic rate. If you make getting a good night sleep a priority, you are helping your body burn more fat more efficiently.

8. Skip the Alcohol

Alcohol is simply empty calories. And once you drink a few, you start to lose track of how many calories you are consuming. While you’re trying to lose weight, it’s best to limit alcohol to a few glasses and only during special occasions.

9. Double your Fibre

Fibre is the dieter’s secret weapon. Studies prove that doubling your fibre intake can lead to increased rates of success in any weight loss plan. This is because fibre is filling! You will feel more satisfied with what you eat and you will be less hungry during the day.

10. Move During Commercials

It’s too easy to go home at night and simply relax on the couch watching your programmes. Even though the day may have been hard, it’s important to keep yourself moving as much as possible. Make it a habit during commercials to find something to do, even if it means simply walking around the living room.

11. Praise Yourself

Nothing can ruin a diet faster than becoming frustrated and just giving up the good eating habits. It’s important to praise yourself and cheer yourself on – especially during the times you don’t feel like it. When times get tough and you feel like giving it all up, remind yourself of the times you’ve been successful and made great choices.

12. Skip the Sides

When you’re out getting something to eat, stick to the one or two primary items on your plate. Ask the staff to hold the side dishes, such as the rolls or the mashed potatoes. These dishes, even if healthy, are not really needed when you’ve already got a chicken breast or a burger as your meal.

13. Snack on Nuts and Seeds

There will come a time when you simply get hungry and want a snack. Nuts and seeds are the perfect snack. That’s because they have lots of nutrients, some healthy fats, proteins and fibre. The key is to keep the snack sizes small.

14. Know your Triggers

Triggers are those things that can cause emotional eating, read about furnace repair cost. As you go through your day, watch for those things that might cause you to reach for something unhealthy. Have alternate plans ready for when those triggers get pushed. For example, if having a bad customer call usually makes you reach for candy, change your habits to take a quick walk instead.

Hi! I'm Zara Henderson, a certified fitness instructor and nutrition coach. I'm addicted to healthy living and generally write about weight management, fitness, exercise and food as well as the latest celebrity health trends.

  1. Thanks for sharing Zara! There’s some great tips in there. I’ve started to drink a lot more water throughout the day and feel much better because of it.

  2. Great advice. Another one is to skip the “empty calories” e.g. cans of coke and crisps. These add calories without denting your appetite. Not sure if this is included under fast foods above. Under half the portions I would also recommend using a smaller plate and smaller cutlery, so that you’re forced to eat slower. Also turn the TV off so you can savour each mouthful rather than eating while distracted. Under park further away I also think “build exercise into your day” e.g. take a detour to add a few hundred yards, take the stairs rather than the lift, walk the dog or go with a neighbour walking theirs.

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